Tuesday, January 20, 2009


"In fact, to some extent we are all rulers just because God has created us in his own image to have 'responsible domain.' What follows is that we have a little kingdom."  What an intriguing thought.  Of course I understand the responsibility that comes with being a Christian, and the importance of carrying out His work on this earth.  However, I've never thought of myself or any other human being as a ruler of God's kingdom.  I think that often our role as Christians is taken too lightly... we know that God is all-powerful and therefore don't think that we have any real control over our earth.  However, as moral beings, we do have a power that comes from God that we need to decide how to use.  This is the basis for Plantinga's chapter.  Our calling is to work for the salvation of souls, to be more like Christ every day, and to do everything we can to glorify God in our lives.  We are working toward this "kingdom come" where one day everything will be perfect on earth as it is in heaven.  As members of the kingdom of God, we need to do all we can to see this goal accomplished on earth, and we need to be constantly considering this throughout our daily lives, especially when it comes to making the important decisions.  We must ask ourselves not what career will yield the highest paycheck, but what vocation will utilize our specific talents and will ultimately bring glory to His name.

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  1. Great conclusions Clare!
    Now the challenge is to live out what you know should be done!

    God Bless,

    Adriana & Paulo,