Wednesday, January 14, 2009


"If a transtemporal, transfinite good is our real destiny, then any other good on which our desire fixes must be in some degree fallacious, must bear at best only a symbolical relation to what will truly satisfy."  The glory of the Lord is greater than any material, earthly good could ever be.  His love far surpasses any love that we can find on earth.  But things on this earth are all we know.  We cannot measure anything against something we have never witnessed in full.  Yes, we as Christians have been exposed to God's glory to some extent, but we have not seen it all.  Therefore, God explains himself in terms of this world.  Lewis explains Scripture's promises for his people in heaven, that they will be with the Lord there, but also that they will be like Him, that they shall have "glory," that they shall be feasted and entertained, and that they shall have some sort of official position.  Why does God promise all of this? Shouldn't simply being with Him in heaven be enough for us?  But it doesn't seem like enough... because we believe we are fulfilled by things other than God's goodness alone. 

I have had many conversations discussing heaven and what it will be like.  I've heard people say they believe that it's just as it is described in the Bible.  Others believe that it is exactly the same as earth, only perfect.  Some think that heaven is different for every person depending on what gives them true joy.  But the same question always comes up: Won't it be boring?  It's a legitimate question.  It's impossible to fathom eternity (let alone what we will do with it) when our world is finite.  In the same way it is not possible to understand how awesome it will be to stand in the Lord's presence when we have never done so before. But when we are, I'm sure we will realize that His glory does not fade, and that being exposed to it is something that will never bore us. 

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