Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Speaking about the fall without including redemption is always going to be depressing. Plantinga's depiction of the fall was definitely this way.  I agreed with everything that was said: that evil is present in our world and that human sin is the thing that separates us from God.  I also found that I could relate very much to Plantinga's ideas of corruption.  He says that a corrupted person is one who "turns God's gifts away from their intended purpose." For example, this could be someone using their intelligence to get rich rather than to glorify the Lord. 

An excellent question is, who's to blame?  If we belong to God and not to ourselves, then does it come from God? Surely not.  Some of this control rests with the devil... he tempts us to do things that are against what God wants. However, the real power lies within us.  We have the capacity (especially as Christians) to resist temptation and do what we know is right.  But since original sin, man has fallen into a habit of sin that seems endless.  We would be nothing if God hadn't sent His son to die for the reconciliation of the countless sins we commit each and every day.

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