Sunday, January 11, 2009


In this chapter, Plantinga highlights the difference between a longing and a hope.  He says that we can long for many things--material goods, earthly pleasures, and even for the past--but these longings are fleeting.  Our earthly longings won't ultimately satisfy.  Plantinga explains that it is not impossible to be filled, but that we can find satisfaction in a relationship with Christ.  If we place our hope in Him, we will find strength to face the day and joy to last a lifetime.  With Christ, our earthly longings won't hold the same importance, but instead, we will long for the things that Christ himself longs for.  

While I agreed with Plantinga's main idea and couldn't find anything to argue with, I felt it was generic.  This idea of placing our hope in the Lord is important, I'll agree, but it isn't as complex as he makes it.  What might have been said in several pages was drawn out far too long with quotes from other authors and embellished language.

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